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Executive, Life and Career Coaching has been designed to help you explore and get clarity around WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW you will succeed in your Professional life and will help you amplify, improve and develop your strengths, gifts and performance through your self-awareness and focus. Lack of confidence, limiting beliefs and a feeling of imposter often holds Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs back and so some time is spent investigating these areas.


Coaching is transformational, and this 6 month package is designed to ensure you achieve your goals and consistently take action to move yourself forward professionally and personally with success.


I will help you acclimatise and get clarity: whether you are about to transition into a new senior leadership role; if you are business owner or entrepreneur growing your business; or if you are a current senior leader wanting to re-evaluate where you are currently at.


You will be supported with developing the mindset necessary for success and help to develop strategies to cope with and become accountable for problems of increasing ambiguity that come with being a leader and senior executive.  You can't focus on one area of your life without it impacting upon other areas and therefore you will work on clarity around personal areas of your life too.


I have a wealth of experience and knowledge and use solution focussed principles and techniques to enable you to perform at your optimum, help you move forward, remove any limiting beliefs and unlock your talents. 


Executive, Life & Career Coaching


This intensive 6-month package develops your way of thinking, empowers you to take action, and challenges you.  You will get clarity around your strengths, purpose, vision and create a clear strategy enabling you to have a work-life balance for success and achieve your goals with integrity, all whilst avoiding stress and burnout and removing feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed.

I am a qualified, certified and experienced Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.  I effect major transformational change for my clients through proven psychological techniques like NLP, business and personal experience, knowledge, business acumen, psychometric tools.  I have coached Executives and Senior Leadership Teams in large multinational and matrix organisations driving performance improvements.


Having worked at a senior level partnering Vice Presidents, Directors and Senior Leadership Teams as a Human Resource professional, I understand first-hand the pressures faced by members of the board, senior leadership teams and executives in business.  I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, hold a Green Belt Certification in LEAN, am a Mental Health First Aider, hold professional certificate in Business Management and am a Certified DISC Profiler.  


I establish a genuine and honest rapport with my clients and I am wonderfully skilled at drawing out of them the real issues they are hiding and the stories they tell themselves and others around them which often hold them back from achieving their full potential.


Using empathy, experience, business knowledge and challenging my clients they are able to get honest with themselves and uncover what is:


  • holding them back; 

  • stopping them in their tracks;

  • keeping them procrastinating;

  • preventing them from taking action;

  • making them stay hidden in the background;

  • giving them a fear of speaking out and putting ideas forwards;

  • making them feel like an imposter;

  • giving them feelings of anxiety and overwhelm;

  • making them stressed.


My clients reach their full potential and get the results they want by: 

  • exploring their current reality; 

  • getting clarity around their professional career

  • aligning within their personal life;

  • taking back control;

  • understanding their working preference and that of their colleagues;

  • regaining purpose and focus;

  • setting and achieving stretch goals; and

  • taking action


I only work with a few VIP clients every year, to be placed on the waiting list, please click here.

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