Personal Coaching


How would it feel to fall back in love with your life?

What if you could change?

What if you could remove your mask for good?

Are you coping with any of the life challenges below that are keeping you stuck, unfulfilled and not living a life you deserve and love?

  •  frustration of an overbearing boss and your inability to stand up for yourself;

  • exhaustion of raising young children, working in a senior role and believing you should be able to cope;

  • anxiety of becoming a new mother;

  •  the pain of dealing with an acrimonious divorce and or child custody battle;

  • feeling like an imposter in the Board Room;

  •  fear of your controlling and bullying partner at home;

  • coping with elderly parents and terminal illness;

  • childhood trauma keeping you in the shadows and playing small;

  • history of suffering from mental and emotional abuse;

  • deciding on a big career change;

  • anxiety over a promotion to senior role;

  • fear of facing redundancy;

  • stress of setting up your own business;

  • recovering from serious illness and returning to work;

  • worry of being a new mum returning to work;

  • feeling overwhelmed;

  • low mental health;

  • self-criticism, feeling unworthy, blame, shame, 

    embarrassment, guilt.


Whatever happened to you in your past does not define your present or future.


We will sit down together and I will help you create a life you love.  


I meet you at the point in life you are presently and help you build your confidence, get to know yourself properly, find clarity to make great decisions, connect to your core values, take back control and succeed with your goals.

We work on creating your plan, goals and strategy to bring your vision into reality.  We also work on your mindset so that you can break down your fears and understand your limiting beliefs to finally stop them from holding you back, so that you can take consistent action to create your best life on your terms and without apology.

You will ​finally wake up energised, passionate and IN LOVE with your life!



Who You Are…

You are an amazing and highly successful person who believes that everyone should live their best life.  You believe that everyone deserves to be happy and genuinely satisfied and that they should be in control of their future, live authentically and without apology.  You are the best cheerleader for all those around you.


Everyone except you...


To the outside world no-one would know that you lack the confidence to follow your dreams.  They don't see how you give the control for your life happiness away.  You have worn a mask for so long you don't know what you want or who you truly are.  You may even have survived some terrible traumas which hold you back from being courageous and keep you stuck with feelings of worthlessness and self loathing.  They don't see you constantly sabotaging your own happiness or the struggle you face trying to get clarity around who you are and what you want.


What You Are Looking For…


You are looking for YOU!


Clarity, genuine happiness and results.  


You want to work with someone who knows.  Someone who will empower you to remove your mask.  Someone who will keep you accountable and who will support you with getting clear on your values, vision, goals, confidence and mindset so that you can be in control of your future and live the happiest life you truly deserve. 


You want someone to help you break through the barrier of overwhelm so that you can be magnificent and authentically you. You need someone with empathy and compassion.


How We Will Work Together…


Coaching is powerful but it rarely provides overnight success and we will work together for as long as you need.  You have taken a long time to become who you are today and have worn your mask for too long.  Lasting change takes time, so we will work together to change the unhelpful habits, unravel your limiting beliefs and break through the overwhelm.


We will focus on how to succeed now and in the future and get clear on your vision and set goals.  Working with me takes commitment and what you do outside our sessions will be equally important as how you show up for our sessions.


What I Will Provide You…


Compassion and empathy with practical guidance, encouragement and support, years of experience, knowledge and intuition, alongside effective strategies and techniques on how to build confidence, gain clarity and create the right mindset to be the best you.  I will hold you accountable and may challenge you so that I can best serve you and get you to where you want to be.


During our time together, you will receive focused support and guidance that will help you develop the skills,

confidence and resilience necessary for unlocking the life of your dreams!



Not all coaching is created equally and I do not approach Coaching with a one size fits all.  I use a mixture of Coaching and NLP techniques, mindset work, intuition, mentoring and experience. I tailor my approach to my clients, using what will help you the most to achieve your results. 

What Happens Next?


 My clients get life changing results because they put in the work. You can read some of their testimonials here.  


I know that you would not be here if you didn't want to create and live the life you deserve.  If you are ready to take action then click on the package you want and we will schedule a call to get you started.  


If you want to arrange a call to discuss anything in more detail, or still have some unanswered questions, I understand. You are about to embark on a life changing journey and with any change comes challenge and concerns.  Therefore, you need to feel comfortable working with me and that you have all your questions answered.

Once we have spoken I will send you the coaching paperwork, payment will be set up beforehand via bank transfer or credit card and your first session will be scheduled.


Are you ready for your adventure to begin?

Choose the package that feels right and let me help you to be unapologetic and limitless!

1 month

Courage Today

4 sessions in person or via video call of 45 minutes duration to find your courage, remove your mask and focus on your future destiny

Look at your reality, mindset,

vision & core values

Identify what drives you

Identify the area of life you want to

work on

Set goals


​2 x 15 minutes Catch-up phone calls for when you need a quick clarity check in


Materials and resources


Accountability to keep you focussed

Investment from £750



Click below

3 months

Clarity of Self

1 x 90 minute session

 8 x 60 minute sessions 

In person or via video call to help you become clear on your authentic self, remove your mask and take back control

Focus on your reality, mindset, vision & core values

Identify what drives you

Identify the area of life you want to

work on

Set goals

Develop routines that support your continued success

4 x 15 minutes Catch-up phone calls for when you need a quick clarity check in

All materials & resources bespoke to you

Accountability to keep you focussed

Investment from £2100


Click below:

6 - 12 months

Confidence in Me

1 x 120 minute values, vision and strategy setting session.

12 or 24 x 60 minute sessions

1 x 120 minute future planning session

 In person or via video call which will cover everything in the Clarity of Self Package


In-depth mindset and soul work to identify & remove limiting beliefs & blockages.


This is challenging and sometimes emotional work and change takes time so this package provides the time & space for you to focus on you.  


You will move forward into your future with



Creating a plan and strategy

Task & goal setting


Regular reviews & accountability

check-ins to ensure you

are moving forward and succeeding with your goals

Investment from £4100

Click below:

Gain clarity about your vision for your professional & personal life.

Identify your core values and what drives you.

Create a clear list of your goals and what you want to achieve.

Identify your limiting beliefs and transform them so they stop holding you back.

Your Vision


Cultivate a positive mindset.

Develop your confidence through establishing new habits.

Identify and transform negative thoughts.

Gain clarity and challenge your limiting beliefs.

Your Mindset


Investigate what is important to you in your professional & personal life

Identify your area of life that you most want to work on.

Look at your reality and identify opportunities.

Set clear, measurable, achievable

and time bound goals

Develop routines that support you.

Your Goals

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