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1:1 Transformational Coaching Session with Elizabeth

A 1:1 1 hour coaching session and 30 minute follow-up session via Zoom.

A transformational hour of coaching designed to help you get clear on an area of your life that you feel stuck on, overwhelmed by or maybe lack confidence to move forwards with. 

Sometimes you simply can't find the answers and what you resist will keep you exactly where you are presently but what you resist is often keeping you from doing exactly what you need to do in order to achieve your success and live the life you want.

This laser session will enable you to investigate what it is you are resisting so that you can move forwards quickly with clear action steps and new found confidence to achieve the results you need.

Whether that is something:

  • you may be resisting doing or changing
  • an area of your life where you feel you are lacking in confidence to move yourself forward with
  • a project that you feel stuck on and perhaps overwhelmed with
  • the need to develop more of a growth mindset so that you can think bigger than you have been
  • or perhaps you need to talk through some of your thoughts with an expert.

You will also have an additional 30 minute follow up session 2 weeks after your initial laser coaching session.

You are responsible for taking action on the plans you come up with in your session, however, you know that being held accountable for your actions really does help to move the needle forwards and ensures you keep those promises and commitments to yourself.

Results that you can expect to get from a laser coaching session:

  1. clear strategy to proactively move a project forwards like my client, LD, who mapped out her launch and marketing plan for the unveiling of her newly named and new look business
  2. mindset shifts and reframes of limiting beliefs to feel worthy and increase your confidence in the same way as my VIP client, JD, did when she stepped into her power to confidently manage her Chairman who was placing unrealistic work demands and last minute international travel request on her
  3. taking action with difficult clients like my client, AW, who identified her mindset blocks around wanting to disengage a time consuming, energy zapping and costly client and successful and confidently achieved the desired outcome within 2 days opening up time and energy to attract 4 new ideal clients
  4. uncovering unhelpful habits that are sabotaging your route to success and implementing new positive habits just like KP, who created the perfect home work space which lead to increased productivity and changed her morning and evening routine to work smarter not harder and resulted in increased revenue in 2 weeks
  5. working through overwhelm regarding a life changing decision and in 5 days implementing an action plan to achieve the goal within a 5 month window, including delegating home chores to partner to free up study time, managing working hours betters, delegating more tasks to team members and changing morning and evening routines


Over 2 weeks and in a little under 2 hours you can experience the proven Courage, Clarity, Confidence Coaching Method I have used with all of my clients to enable and empower them to take massive action to transform their lives.


If you aren't serious about making the change and doing the work though, we are not going to be a good fit and this Transformation Coaching Session is not for you.

So who is Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a Certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Trained in Neuroscience, Mental Health First Aider, Leadership Mentor and someone who has lived experience of childhood trauma, serious health challenges, mental health breakdown following stress, overwhelm and anxiety and has a professional background as a Senior HR professional in corporate for over 20 years.

Discover your true destination with coaching designed exclusively for limitless females!