What you need to know.
Who am I
and how can I help you?

As a Coach and Master NLP Practitioner I specialise in helping amazing and outwardly successful businesswomen and female entrepreneurs finally remove their mask to courageously take back control of their lives, achieve their limitless professional and personal goals and succeed with confidence.

I support women who are ready to go on an adventurous journey of self-discovery because they know they are made for more and know it's time to play bigger, to be unapologetic about the limitless life they want to enjoy.

I know exactly what my clients are feeling about embarking on a journey into their limitless and amazing future and the fears they have because I've been on a journey of self-discovery to live the life I love, but it wasn't easy.

My own journey to this point in my life has been an adventure with many twists and turns.


I understand personally how paralysing it can be when playing small, staying quiet, to feel unworthy and like an imposter, debilitated by anxiety, stress and suffering burnout in the corporate world.  Working harder because of being a mum, being accused of being too masculine, aggressive, passive, weak, feminine, driven, knowledgeable, opinionated, successful and being paid less than male colleagues and missing out on many promotions because I was a mum.


I know the heavy burden of carrying severe childhood trauma into adulthood, being controlled, bullied and beaten by my boyfriend, surviving a planned suicide attempt, being sexually harassed throughout my early career, coping with acrimonious divorce and healing from loss.


I learned to hide my pain from years of trauma and tough challenges behind a mask of smiles.

But that mask hid self-loathing, shame, anger, sadness, fear.

For many years I held very damaging and limiting beliefs about myself.  I sabotaged my own happiness, I was an emotional eater, I felt unworthy and as an adult I had succeeded in building an incredibly high and very strong wall all around myself to stop anyone getting too close. 


And I behaved this way because I didn't know another way.  


I merely survived as best I could.

I kept doing one thing though, every time I faced adversity.


When I fell down I always got back up and I dusted myself down and tried again!  Over and over again.  

My inner strength, grit and determination helped me face each day and fight and survive every trauma.  And I worked endlessly on my mindset and my inner soul. 

When I eventually hit burnout and suffered a breakdown I found my way through and I learned to heal myself because of my inner strength.  

I learned to forgive myself.  I learned to love again. 

I learned to see that my past doesn't define me.


My past makes me who I am today.

I am an Unapologetically Limitless Woman


I will help you to be too!


Despite adversity, tough childhood and adult trauma and life challenges I have experienced much happiness, joy and laughter in my life and I embrace those times.  I am blessed to have an incredibly supportive and amazing husband, the most wonderful, kind, strong and beautiful daughters and step-daughters, fantastic parents and a circle of awesome, empowering and supportive friends.

When I chose to turn away from my corporate career and after much soul searching trained as a Coach and NLP Master Practitioner I knew I was exactly where I was always meant to be. I knew my calling was to help other women fulfil their true professional and personal potential and live their best life authentically and unapologetically.


I am embracing my AUTHENTIC, UNIQUE, LIMITLESS and MAGNIFICENT SELF.  I believe I deserve to be as happy as the next person and that I am worthy of living my BEST LIFE

I used my resilience, my creativity and my lioness determination to take back CONTROL so I could define my future on my terms and CONFIDENTLY become the best version of me.  


I don't look back anymore because I'm not going that way I enjoy the present and embrace my amazing future.

My own experience helps me to understand why women can remain stuck for so long and hiding behind a mask of smiles and "Yes, everything is fine!" comments.

I am privileged to help women effect major transformation, embrace their life changes and achieve what they want so they can become unapologetically limitless. 

And it's now my mission to help every woman I work with embrace who they deserve to be professionally and personally, find courage to remove their mask for good, to know that when life changes it's OK because life is a journey, an adventure of discovery and to confidently become the limitless woman they deserve to be.


This is YOUR right.



I am a Certified Coach and a Master NLP Practitioner.  I have over a decades experience coaching and mentoring management teams in my previous corporate career and transforming the performance of those teams.  I was a confidant and coach to the senior leadership team.  


Today I work with high achieving female executives in corporate businesses and entrepreneurs running their own business helping them achieve their goals with a clear strategy in order to transform many areas of their professional and personal lives. 


I don't approach my coaching work with a one package fits everyone style, instead I blend many years of professional and personal experience with high performance strategies and techniques to serve my clients best. 

Working Together

My job is to help you to create the life you desire with courage, confidence and personal control.  Whether you are facing a major change in your life like; promotion to a senior leadership role onto the board, changing career direction, being part of a talent pool, affected by redundancy, setting up your own business, divorce, coping with custody, returning to work after illness or maternity, coping with loss and grief, together we will cut through the limiting beliefs and excuses, break the habits that hold you back and get crystal clear on what you really want.

Whatever you think you can't do, be or have because you are stuck in fear, shame, guilt, have low self-confidence, lost control of your destiny, you will uncover the truth, that anything is possible with clarity of purpose and you can do, be or have what you truly want. I help you embrace being an unapologetically limitless woman.


You are investing good money to take back control and achieve your results and so whilst I will support you, the only way I can serve you, is to hold you accountable.  


If you don't put in the work I may well challenge you to know the reasons why, so that I can help you get to where you want to be.  I need to ensure that you are aligned with your own vision and connected to your core values and purpose so that you can achieve your goals.  This is your success and you are accountable for succeeding.

Self Development & Learning

I am continually challenging myself and I love to learn to grow my own mind.  I am on a journey to be the best I can be and I work with my own Coach.  I continue to study NLP and Coaching and I have a very keen interest in Psychology and Mindset and spend many hours reading, attending training and seminars and learning.  


I worked in Human Resources for decades, have managed teams, worked in management positions and have worked and travelled abroad extensively.  My careers have been varied which has enabled me to expand my skills and experience that I bring to my current career as a Coach.  

Authentically Me

My clients choose to work with me because they know I understand what they are going through.  They trust me to support and help them to be the confident woman they are meant to be professionally and personally.  

It is my belief that everyone deserves to live their best life in happiness and free from anyone else’s control and that is what drives me now in my Coaching Practice.  I mix empathy, practicality, compassion, intuition and years of personal development to inspire my clients in achieving outstanding results guilt free.

Qualification, Certifications, Memberships

Certified Life Coach

Master NLP Practitioner

Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Senior Member of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists

Mental Health First Aider 

Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

Trained in Adult Learning & Development Approaches

Certified in  Counselling Skills

Certificate in Business Management

Certified Thomas International PPA Practitioner (DiSC)

SHOUT Crisis Counsellor

Accredited DISC Profiler - The Coaching Academy

To make a change you have to want to change.

To see the change you have to want to look.

To be the change you have to remove your mask.

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