DISC Personality Profiling

DISC is a wonderful tool that helps individuals unlock the people puzzle. Helping individual's understand what motivates them, their preferred style of working, how and why they communicate as they do, the environment they like to work in, how they approach challenges, the pace they work and so much more.


DISC is the difference that makes the difference to people and when used alongside coaching, transformation and success for individual's is lifted to a whole new level!

Complete a 7 minute online questionnaire

Receive your comprehensive Personality Profile

Get detailed feedback & coaching on 

your Profile

DISC Profile in 3 easy Steps

DISC is a psychometric tool which is affected by the environment and is one of the most highly validated instruments of its kind.  DISC helps you understand your own and others behavioural preferences.

When you know how people behave, what makes them tick and why they are different to you and each other you begin to appreciate and accept those differences and have a true advantage when leading, managing and relating to people.


But, when you know yourself you really do have the edge for your own professional and personal success.

Whether you want to manage and lead a team more effectively, recruit a new employee, develop a member of staff, run training for a group or engage with your friends and family better, understanding yourself through DISC will:

  • Help you be a better communicator

  • Help you resolve or even prevent conflicts

  • Enable you to appreciate the differences in others

  • Help you gain credibility and positively influence others

  • Help you to understand and manage yourself through change situations

  • Enable you to motivate and cultivate positive relationships 

DISC measures:

  1. How a person solves problems and responds to challenges;

  2. How a person attempts to influence or persuade others;

  3. The pace at which a person responds to change; and

  4. How a person responds to the rules and regulations set by others

There is no right or wrong DISC Profile to have everyone has strengths and areas of development and knowing yours and others smooths the road for effective and harmonious communication and personal and working relationships.

DISC Coaching Packages are suitable for individuals who want to understand themselves and become better communicators, Business Leaders and Business Owners or can form part of a team development package.  


Prices start from £250 for an individual Profile and include:

  • access to the online DISC Questionnaire;

  • a comprehensive printed profile report;

  • interpretation by an Accredited DISC Profiler of the graphs and report; and

  • a 1-2-1 coaching session

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