What is Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming or as it is more widely known, NLP, is a way of discovering the structure of thinking and abilities that we all have, in particular studying those who are at the top of their game, excellent at what they do in order to understand how they are the best.  NLP enables people to understand how they think, what works and how the world works around them so that the results they want can be reproduced consistently.

Neuro Linguistic Programming originated in California in the 70's and was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.  Their interest was in how they could reproduce the excellence of people they admired, at the time initially, within their field of work.  They studied these individuals to learn how they 'did' what they did to make them the best, the top of their fields. 

Neuro refers to the thinking patterns that make up the mental aspect of our strategies.  What that means is that when information comes into our minds we hold it in either visual, auditory or kinaesthetic ways.  


So, in basic terms what is happening in your mind.

Linguistic is the way in which words are used in communication.  This is how we communicate with others (external dialogue) and also how we use language on ourselves (internal dialogue).  As we become more aware of the type of language we use and others use we begin to understand the effect that certain words and patterns of words can have on us and others.  


Linguistics is not just about words though, it is also about body language and how you use it.

Programming refers to the strategies we have for getting results.  These are the persistent patterns of behaviour which are learnt and repeated, resulting in both good and bad results for us.

Overall, NLP is a way to tap into the wealth of resources we all have inside us to support us to achieve everything that we truly want. 

Within my coaching practice and during sessions with my clients I use NLP, as appropriate, in order to help my clients to do excellence to enforce the positive ways more so that they get the best results.  


There is excellence in all of us and NLP helps to draw that out so that everyone can do excellence with more consistency.

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