What is Coaching?

Coaching is not a new phenomenon, in many forms it has been around for a number of years from Sports Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Physical Coaching and Business Coaching to name a few.  


Coaching in the conventional form tends to be that the Coach is a specialist in their field.  They have chosen a particular profession or specialised area of expertise.  They bring with them their knowledge, training, qualifications and industry specific expertise.  The client works with the coach and brings their enthusiasm and desire to be the best that they can be and rely upon their coach having specific knowledge, training and qualifications within the exact field they are working on in order to get them to perform at the best level they can.

eg Sports Coach who is a Golf Professional will be the go to Coach for someone wanting to play golf competitively.

Life Coaching on the other hand is not specific in its requirement for the Coach to be qualified in a particular field that the client is being coached on, only to be qualified or an expert in Life Coaching itself.  The intention is that the Life Coach will work with the client and look at their whole life and work in a more holistic approach.  The client brings their present self and works towards their future best self.

What is common in all coaching is that the aim is to help someone to be the absolute best that they can be and sometimes that means to be the best against their competition, eg Sports.  


Life Coaching is a practice to help clients remove the barriers that are holding them back and put themselves in a position of power, empowered to build their dreams and to take fresh action for positive results.

Life Coaching is so powerful as it helps people to become more goal orientated, more ambitious and more accountable for results 

What Life Coaching is not, however, is a type of therapy or counselling.  Coaching picks up where therapy or counselling has come to an end and helps you to unlock your own inner power and strength and find your own answers to set your goals to become the best version of you. Coaches believe that you are the expert in your own life and within you are the answers you need.

Coaching is typically about defining and setting goals, getting clear on vision and values, providing a structure, encouraging and supporting, holding a person accountable and is focussed on the future rather than the past. 

Life Coaching, the area I have chosen to work in, is an exceptionally rewarding, exciting, challenging and enlightening profession that I am very passionate about.  

I feel incredibly privileged to be a Life Coach working with amazing people every day.

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