Meet Elizabeth, your

Transformation Coach & Hypnotherapist


Passionately empowering successful entrepreneurs and business men and women to stop apologising and start owning their lives by following the Limitless Way framework to Thrive.

Be Limitless, Live Unapologetically! 


Are you ready to transform your life and business?

I know you thought you'd have it all figured out.

That you'd be living your dream life right about now.


But you feel stuck and keep asking yourself "Is this it?"

As a highly successful entrepreneur or business woman/man I know you thought by now you'd have it all figured out.  

After all, you have all the external signs of success, but inside you're trapped in a mindset of not feeling worthy or good enough. 

Having worked really hard for your success, you don't know how to enjoy it all. 

You have a great life and provided well for your family and yet you are unfulfilled. You are in a great position now and want to grow or pivot your business further, maybe step back or perhaps go after the next promotion AND you want to embrace the life you have created, but you hold a belief that you can't have both.

And despite all the success you have, living your best life keeps evading you from holding limiting beliefs and sabotaging your own happiness.  

You know you weren't truly present to enjoy the life you've had but know that you want your future to be different.

Your anxiety can be debilitating and you feel overwhelmed merely thinking about living your best life in a different way.

Your personal and professional relationships are suffering.

Low self-confidence holds you back from embracing your authentic self. You feel exhausted from constantly living with your negative self-critical thoughts.

Your physical health is poor and your mood and energy levels are low.

You've worn a mask of false pretence for so long you are afraid of removing it and shining the light into your darker corners. But you know the only way forward is to heal from your old wounds, stop sabotaging yourself and change your limiting beliefs.


It's your time.

Embrace your true self and become consciously awake so you can create your life, your way.

I will empower you to

Be Limitless, Live Unapologetically.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

and I have one mission, to help you to stop apologising and start owning your life so that you can thrive and live limitlessly.

I'm your Transformation Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

I specialise in empowering outwardly successful and ambitious entrepreneurs and business women/men, just like you, to remove their mask and courageously take back control of their lives and achieve their professional and personal goals with courage, clarity and confidence.

When you know in your heart and soul you are made for more and ready for a journey of self-discovery, to stop apologising and start owning your life, I will empower you to create your limitless life whatever that is for you.

I understand how you feel about embarking on the journey into your future at this point in your life when you really feel you should know what to do, shining the light into your dark corners and stepping through your limitations and I know the fears you will have because I've been on a journey of self-discovery to live the life I love too. And I started it much later than I 'thought' I should and whilst it wasn't easy, I did it, I healed myself, shone the light into all my dark corners including my most painful trauma and so that's why I know you can do this too.

My Journey


My life journey has been an adventure with many twists and turns. 

Growing up in a hard working middle class family my childhood appeared picture perfect to the outside world. But it was far from.

Behind my mask of smiles I hid fear and a heavy burden of years of abuse, control and severe trauma which I carried into adulthood and an eventual suicide attempt.

Years of emotional eating, excessive binge drinking, unhealthy narcissistic relationships, sexual harassment, a violent relationship and later an acrimonious divorce followed.

Wracked with guilt and shame, feeling worthless and with zero confidence I didn't know me.

I worked hard, had a successful HR career and achieved many qualifications, but I played small.

Hitting a wall of severe anxiety and burnout head on, was the point of change.

My Lessons


I learned to hide.

I learned to be quiet and accommodating.

I learned to self-loath and feel worthless.

I learned to be fearful.

I learned to hide pain behind smiles.

Holding damaging and limiting beliefs meant I sabotaged adult happiness and I had succeeded in building a wall so high no-one could get really close.

I didn't know another way I merely survived.

And then I realised my biggest lesson, I am a survivor, I am brave, I don't give up.

No matter what, every time I faced adversity, I kept doing something.

When I was knocked down or fell down I always got back up, I dusted myself down and tried again! Over and over again.

I never, ever gave up.

My Inner Strength


My inner strength, grit and determination helped me face each day and survive.

I have worked tirelessly on healing myself and mastering my mindset, mental wellbeing and my inner soul. I continue to do so to be the best me.

I found my way through and have healed myself because of my inner strength.

I forgave myself and others.

I let my walls down and loved again.

I don't let my past define me.

I accept my past. I am who I am because of my past, my childhood, my traumas, adversity and challenges and I now embrace being wildly successful and 

An Unapologetically Limitless Woman! 

I find happiness, joy and laughter in my life today and I embrace it all.

My life's work now is to help you.

Introducing my 9 Step Limitless Way to Thrive.

Where you work from the inside out, find your flow through all areas of your life and become unapologetically limitless.













When I look back and join up the dots I've ended up exactly where I was always meant to.

I'm passionate about helping you remove your mask once and for all. That's why I backed myself, qualified as a Coach, NLP Master and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and am committed to helping people, worldwide, live an UNAPOLOGETICALLY LIMITLESS life.

I was always interested in supporting people to find solutions and be their best self, right from a young age, and enjoyed studying Psychology. I wanted to be a Counsellor and studied for my Certificate in Counselling.

My chosen career though was Human Resources where I held  a senior role for many years and I was happiest supporting the leadership team through change management programmes, people development, employee engagement, mentoring, coaching and wellbeing initiatives, such as introducing Mental Health First Aid Training across the company.

When my breakdown happened and I walked away from my corporate career I was uncertain of my direction. After some reflection I invested in myself, retraining to become a Certified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I knew I'd found my calling.

To empower highly successful entrepreneurs and business men/women, like you, fulfil their true professional and personal potential and live their best life authentically without apology.

People being my passion I have continued my learning and studying and also have qualifications and trainings in Neuroscience, NLP, Personality types, Narcissist Abuse and Trauma Informed Coaching and most recently working towards my Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

I work with a mentor and coach to develop my coaching and hypnotherapy skills. And commit to CPD regularly acquiring new skills.

I believe you deserve HAPPINESS, to live your BEST LIFE and fulfil your POTENTIAL and know coaching is key to your transformation.

I took CONTROL of my life and healed myself. I became CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE and defined my future on my terms to CONFIDENTLY become the best version of me

I understand why you are stuck behind a mask of smiles feeling less worthy than you deserve to, because I hid too. I felt similar pain, fear, shame, imposter syndrome, sadness and frustration. I am committed to empowering you to remove your mask.

With years coaching and mentoring senior Leaders in corporate to working with highly successful entrepreneurs and business men & women in my private practice I am experienced to help you gain clarity to master your mindset; understand your personality preferences; become self-aware; accept yourself and take strategic action to achieve success in your life and business.

My clients affect major life transformations. They have overcome mindset block, changed limiting beliefs, worked through self-doubt, feelings of shame and fears to finally feel worthy of embracing their next chapter with joy, launch and grow businesses, increase their revenue, been promoted to dream jobs, increase their confidence, improve personal and professional relationships, up level their mental and physical wellbeing and fulfil their untapped potential.

You can achieve these results, and more, if you want to.

We start from the inside out. I'll be honest, support and challenge you but I'll also hold you accountable to take action so that you can achieve your success and truly benefit from your investment in yourself and me.

It's time to say a big YES to your limitless life.


My breakdown was the 'break' I needed to stop sabotaging my life away through unhelpful habits, historic trauma, shame, limitations and pain and start saying yes to a new way, a different future. A future that I designed from a place of courage and conscious awakening, and with clarity so I could make positive, better choices resulting in joy, fulfilment, success and a new found inner confidence.

I started from the inside out and transformed my life saying YES to the new adventure.

But whilst I learned via the long and challenging route, you don't have to.

developed the 9 Step Limitless Way to Thrive so that you can transform yourself from the inside out and create your dream life without apology and free of limitations.


You get to create your life exactly the way you want, starting right now, if you choose.

Would you like to take the next step, right now?

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