Supporting high calibre business owners who feel unfulfilled and disconnected soar to phenomenal heights of success in life and business.

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A guided meditation for high achievers working though personal inner conflict and a desire to change but with negative self-talk that keeps you stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and limited.

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A SAFE, nurturing community for high flying women tired, broken, challenging themselves to change because they're struggling with shame and guilt of success without the joy.

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth, trusted by

successful 6 & 7 figure business owners and leaders to work through their disconnection with life and find healthy, positive and joyful ways to live life with meaning and inner peace as a Whole Person.

A highly intuitive Coach and Therapist, I use Transformational Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Science backed techniques to help you work through inner pain, disturbances, destructive mindset and hidden trauma.  So you can stop struggling with destructive habits, debilitating symptoms, rewire your fear based thinking and break repeating patterns of negative behaviour to flourish in a life you create, soar to phenomenal heights of success and enjoy healthy and safe relationships.

If you're hiding behind a mask and disconnected from your life then I help you remove your mask and become whole.

  • Do you feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, anxious or confused in life, believing you should have everything figured out, but unsure where to turn?
  • Growing up did you long to be seen, heard, loved but instead were pushed away, hushed, ignored, unseen?
  • Do you look in the mirror and hate on yourself with hurtful self-talk as your worst critic?
  • Have you hit a professional/entrepreneurial ceiling, unable to move upwards, forwards or sustain success? 
  • Do you have unhelpful habits, destructive behaviours & negative beliefs from the unresolved hurts and unhealed trauma that sabotage your success?
  • Are you tired and fed up of struggling, trying to figure it out alone, but ending up back where you started?
  • Are you ready to create your best ever life and enjoy respectful, safe and healthy relationships with others?

Imagine your future best self right now. Not stuck in the past or anxious about the future, but instead, free, limitless, unapologetic, confident, empowered.  Living your life in the present moment with inner peace, joy, flow and meaning. It is possible, others have done it and so will you.

I will EMPOWER YOU to stop compromising and start living as the whole person you were born to be.

Blending Coaching, Trauma Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Narcissist Abuse expertise, NLP, Transactional Analysis, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Brainspotting and Mental Health Awareness to help you.

As you remove your mask and stop apologising you'll courageously take back control of your life & thrive.

You know, in your heart and soul, you were born for more, but where you are today won't get you where you want, so YOU are going to have to change.

Awaken your true self, step onto the path of self-discovery and transformation and embrace your limitless life.

I know a journey of inner exploration to  let go and change isn't easy but I'm here to tell you it's possible. And if we discover any hidden trauma in your life we'll work through it gently to help you move beyond it and grow.

You deserve inner peace and to live without limits. Let's go.


Imagine, right now, waking up every day feeling true inner peace, confidence and empowerment.

IN LOVE with your life!

How would you feel?

Sit down with me and I will empower you to map meaningful connection from your past to your future via your present so you can joyfully live as a whole person today.

My clients enjoy phenomenal heights of personal and professional success from working at a deep inner level and so can you.

I'm highly intuitive, sensitive and empathic so if there's any hidden trauma showing up for you, we take time to work through it in a way that you feel safe, heard, seen and validated and to understand the impact it might be having on your life.  You don't wallow in it indefinitely but learn about trauma, emotional, psychological and narcissistic abuse and work through what happened so you can finally live guilt free and thrive in a joyful and meaningful way.

You're in charge and together we'll agree your goals.  Wherever you are in life and business right now is where I'll meet you and from here help you navigate your way to reconnect with your life, feel fulfilled, reach inner peace, heal and achieve your goals.


You can move...

From self-doubt to self-assured, from low worth to absolute worth, from "I don't know or I can't" to "I'll find a way!"  



Self-acceptance means facing your fears and limitations by being courageous and healing your inner child. And so we start with you understanding you and the power of your mind.

You need to know you, shine the light into some of the dark corners and reconnect with who you truly are.

Watch your confidence soar once you believe in yourself, are courageous and have clarity on your values.

It's then we can get to work on bringing your limitless life vision into reality by working on your goals and putting a strategy in place.

The answers you need all lie within you and I'm here to help you voice them.

Are you ready for

Whole Person Coaching and Therapy?


"Turn yourself to the light and let the shadows fall behind you."


Live Unapologetically,

Be Limitless,



Sign up to the POWERFUL LIMITLESS WAY Programme if you want to take action and are ready to soar to phenomenal heights of personal and professional success - in 16 weeks you'll move from struggling, stuck, overwhelmed to unapologetic and limitless freedom.

Where your mind, body, brain connect to live without limits

Let me show you a different way to live.

The Limitless Way.

What could you achieve if there were no limits?

Do you hit the self-destruct button when life or business or both starts going really well?

Do you yo-yo from self-worth to self-loathing?

Are you tired of always 'doing the right thing' and reached a time in your life where you want to stop compromising you to please others?

Do you know, in your heart, your negative and painful childhood experiences are impacting your right to enjoy living a limitless life.

You have more to give, but feel stuck and scared to open up about your trauma, self-loathing, shame and guilt for fear of disbelief.

Work through your inner pain, disturbance, limits, fears and hidden trauma and learn to embrace change from the inside out to live a limitless life in peace, flow and purpose as the whole person you were born to be.




"Elizabeth has helped me with my mindset, confidence and thinking patterns and my business has grown considerably because of this. She also goes above and beyond. I was on the receiving end of her brilliant client service. She juggled things to find time for an extra call following a challenge I was facing. After only 45 minutes I came away with clarity, calm, confidence and focussed actions. I never thought I needed a coach until I met Elizabeth."

Anne Wordsworth
Cube Accounting

"Elizabeth's passion for coaching shines through in everything she does and how she works. I got so much out of Coaching with Elizabeth. Uncovering my limiting beliefs around my capabilities, potential and taking decisive action to go for a promotion in another organisation, and being successful, all within the 5 weeks of working with Elizabeth was game changing! I could not recommend Elizabeth enough."

Charlotte T
Senior HR Professional

"Coaching with Elizabeth was like holding a magnifying glass over my goals. It gave me the opportunity to look at my business from a completely different perspective. What’s more it allowed me the time I needed to focus on the key aspects causing concern and took any worries away. Talking to Elizabeth was like confiding in a friend, she puts you at ease instantly with her open approach and helps you dig deeper to open new doors without uncomfortable questions or pushing for information. The insights and tips she’s given me are invaluable and have already made a difference after just one day. If you’re in any doubt about your direction – personally or professionally, I can’t recommend her help enough."

Cat Roberts-Young
Business Owner - CatCopy Creative

"I had wanted to work with Elizabeth for some time because I was struggling to focus on what I needed to do to move my new business forward.   ​ Elizabeth helped me identify and address several issues that I was prevaricating about, to review my to-do-list, goals and challenge some of my decisions. ​ With Elizabeth's help and coaching I have been able to find balance and direction and I have successfully moved away from consulting and started and grown my new business during our time together. ​ I love Elizabeth's style, empathic and supportive and I know that I absolutely trust her.  ​ I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone needing coaching to help build self-confidence and find the strength to take control."

Louise Daniels
Business Owner

"Elizabeth spoke to me in a way that no one had before, she drew out of me some things that had really been limiting me most of my life and I thought to be true.  It was very cathartic to tell somebody all this stuff after all these years.  She made me understand that I am not what I think I am and that I can change how I feel and behave.    Elizabeth shows kindness and somehow her questioning was powerful enough so I could think about how I could make changes.  She gave me some self-belief back and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs to move forward with either their personal or business life.  ​ Compassion and understanding oozes from Elizabeth and this is why she is so suited to this chosen career path.  ​"

Business Owner

"Great coaching experience it's amazing what you can achieve in a Laser Focussed Session.   Elizabeth's style was just like having a wonderful, thought provoking conversation, peppered with powerful questions. Working as a coach myself, it was very fulfilling to have such an experience with such a professional coach. I feel very grateful for such an amazing opportunity. "

A Burton
Managing Director - Training Company

"Wow, what astonishing results!  I’m not sure how she does it, but, Elizabeth helped me to focus on some key areas of my life, we did some soul searching and explored various mindsets blocks.  She tasked me with homework to complete, which was an eye-opening process at times!  She also armed me with various "tools", to help me to move forward in my professional life and in some personal situations. I have to say the results have been transformational for me personally, and my family and friends have all commented on some of the changes in me…little do they know, I had some help to get there! Elizabeth has this very calming serenity about her, she is professional but warm and friendly, and manages to make you feel comfortable even though you can often be exploring some pretty uncomfortable topics.  Everyone needs that outside independent coach."

Zoë A
Business Owner & Coach

"Elizabeth helped me to address and reflect on issues which have been impacting my life.   Elizabeth was professional and I found her empathy enabled me to work through problems that I had kept hidden and understand how I had built defence barriers to remain independent and refrain from asking for help.  I was able to source methods to help move me forwards, make better choices and take back control of my life.  ​ I would highly recommend Elizabeth's coaching to anyone in the future."

Private 1:1 Client
Professional in Business

I am ready to let my overthinking mind rest so that I can simply 'Let Go and Be'.